ISYS Data Acquisition

increases process efficiency in production and logistics

Information in real time

  • Data Acquisition
  • Machine Data Collection
  • Personnel Attendance
  • Mobile Data Collection


For the implementation of a continuous operation and machine data acquisition, a high degree of software-technical flexibility is necessary in order to be able to record the most complex information from the most complex types of machines and systems.

  • illustration of hierarchical plant structures
  • configuration of the data acquisition at individual measuring points
  • automatic correction of incoming data, as well as interpolation

Core functionalities BDE/MDE

  • real-time monitoring of conditions, quantities, utilization, effectiveness and consumption
  • summary and evaluation of operations and machine data in key figures
  • SMS or e-mail notification in the event of faults or the occurrence of definable data constellations
  • access to machine and plant controls by using standardized protocols (OPC, Modbus-TCP, SIMATIC, SNMP, ...)

ISYS Mobile Data Acquisition

The mobile data acquisition system from ISYS can be used both as an independent data acquisition system and in conjunction with the classic manual or automatic operating and machine data acquisition from ISYS.

Core functionalities mobile data acquisition

  • definition of reading intervals per data acquisition point
  • export and print lists that allow the reader to work quickly
  • online and offline mode · 1D-/2D-Barcodes · RFID-Technologie

Personnel Attendance

By making working time models more flexible, the collection and evaluation of your employees' working hours becomes an increasingly complex matter, which last but not least, takes a lot of time. In the future, you will skip out on this time-consuming task with ISYS staff presence recording. Modern PZE terminals allow your employees to log on and off the workstation using standard identification procedures. Keep track of things and take advantage of them:

  • current time accounts of your employees
  • overviews of present and absent employees
  • absence recording ·personnel messages